Tuesday, January 27, 2009

take 'em where they NEED to go

hey you know that guy that always needs are ride somewhere.

don't you hate it that they don't have a car?

why can't they just buy a car, so they can take themselves to their job interviews and what not.

hmmm genius, if they had money for a car they might have gotten one already.

the more they miss jobs due to not being able to get to the location the more they will annoy yeah.

If you want to stop this annoyance help them out and give them a ride when someone needs to get to work or an interview.

do so and you maybe blessed to take a sip of Job-a-bobba's moonshine.

and if you want you can keep a total of the amount you spend on gas and once that person is settle into their new job and making money you can talk about them paying you back a bit for the gas money.

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