Monday, January 19, 2009

interview with namara namana id'nit part 1

Namanon times (will be refured to as NT through out interview): Hello Namara Namana Id'Nit. How are you doing?

Namara Namana Id'Nit (will be refured to as NNI through out the rest of the interview): I'm doing blessedly OK-ish.

NT: So for those who don't know do you mind telling are readers who you are?

NNI: yes I do mind. I'm a scholar and teacher of Namanon. I may be one of those forgotten namanites.

NT: Forgotten namanite? how can that be?

NNI: Look kid I'm old. I don't even remember why I'm talking to you

NT: um ok, so tell us what is namanon

NNI: it's the new spirtality. it's the cult that is sweeping the nation. and it's a great mixer for drinks.

NT: Drinks really?

NNI: Yes spiritual cocktails maybe I'll share a few recipes with you some day

NT: I'd like that very much. but drinking aside I hear it is a special day today (January 19th)

NNI: What? oh yes it is. today is short of our founders day. today we celebriate the day the world was created.

NT: Really how should we celebrate?

NNI: donations to the Church Temple Mosque would be great. But other then that go out and party have a good time. have protected sex with short fat people and spread the word about Namanon and all the great things it does. like ladies get in free before 12 and half of salvation sales every 3rd wednesday.

but most importantly in the spirit of the day of creation, you should go out and create or start something. it really doesn't matter what, it can be an art project, a business, a charity, a relationship, or whatever you can think of to start/make today.

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