Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Book of the profit Kashisha 2

the profit Kashisha walked among the mall and noticed that the majority of people where shopping at the big name stores and ignoring the smaller locally owned businesses.

as she went to buy a snack at a small kiosk when she over heard a couple talking about how said it is that their local economy is facing hard times.

Kashisha looked over at them and notice they only carried bags form big nation wide chain stores and said to them...

You say it's a shame about what is happening to the economy...but you do nothing to make things better. even worst your actions are causing your local economy to do worst.

the couple looked puzzled

What do you mean?

they asked.

I'm talking about where you shopped. you over looked your local retailer and shopped at the big national chain store. Don't you know if you shopped at locally owned business your economy will end up doing better

No said the couple "we didn't is that"

because the majority of the money you spend in these stores will end up going out of your community. where if you shopped locally the money will stay with in. That means more people will be employed locally. That means your local community will grow and receive more tax revenue then it would have before, because more people will be working and in some cause will be working at better paying jobs

"But the big stores have such good prices." said the couple

There deals aren't as good when you look at the bigger picture. They are bandits seeping out the income out of the economy you live in.

"so we shouldn't shop at them?" the couple ask

Shop where you wish. But realise the power of your dollar and what it can do for your community. If you just spend 10% of your shopping budget at local businesses you will do a lot to make your community a wealthier and better place.

"wow just 10% we can do that"
said the couple
"heck we can even do better then that if it would really help our local economy"

"Yes it will" said Kashisha.

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