Thursday, January 22, 2009

the one city you NEED to visit

(namanon times) part deux of our interview with the wise sage namara namana

Namanon Times: ...and then that's when you realized you had no pants on?

Namara Namana: No even worst I realized I was completely buck naked with the exception of wearing some flip flops and and a tie.

Namanon Times: Boy that sounds like a crazy night.

Namara Namana: no what was crazy was the fact that the tie was a clip on.
Anyways that part of the reason I think everyone should try to make it to the Namanon holy land at least once a year.

Namanon Times: For those who don't know, where is this holy land?

Namara Namana: It's in an area that is now known as Pontiac, MI.

Namanon Times: Pontiac, Michigan? how is that the holy lands I thought most of them where in the middle east.

Namara Namana: nope, Midwest. The reason that Pontiac is the mecca of Namanon is very simple. it is believed that the great galactic war that destroyed and created the world took place in Pontiac...

Namanon Times: a galactic war that took place in the area of a city?

Namara Namana: It is also believed that it was at a club in Pontiac is where a booty shaking that destoried the old world and made way for this one is at.

Namanon Times: O.K I can see why that's the Namanon mecca holy land site. so what should be people do when they make it the holy land of Pontiac, MI.

Namara Namana: eat, drink be marry. spend a night out on the town and go clubbing. buy your self a little something something. volunteer your time at a charity. make a flick. bomb the city with art projects. spread joy and silly fun.

Namanon Times: is the point of clubbing to celebrate the creation of the world.

Namara Namana: ah, yeah sure....whatever you say. Or you can do it just to have fun.

Namanon Times: OK for those who can't afford to jet off to exotic far of lands what do the people that can't go to the holy city of Pontiac, mi do?

Namara Namana: well if you can afford the trip but have a few bucks you can donated to charity. Heck for some charities you can just donate some old clothes or books or toys and they are happy.

if you don't have a little extra cash or junk to give that's ok. just take a shower and before you dry off. spank your self...harder...oh now cum on you can spank a little hard then that...ok. that's better.

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