Wednesday, January 21, 2009

do you know a lazy unemployed bum that doesn't seem to want to work?

Job-a-bobba's klassifiedsta position 1

Do you know someone that has been out of work for a long period of time?

are they just lazy bums that don't work? maybe.

I know it's easy to look down on them like scum but maybe the problem they are facing is you.

yes that's right, you might be part of their problem in finding a job.

searching for a job isn't just as simple as looking on job sites and applying for a job. people need to network to get work. but what happens when the people around someone doesn't help a person get work but instead insults them or writes them off?

They don't have a good network working for them instead they have one working against them.

So if you know some unemployed hobo don't just tell them to get a job. Help them get a job. If you hear about a job opening don't just tell them about it also vet the job hunter.

if you are in a position to recommend someone for a job, think out this out-of-work person and if they are good for the position through their name in the ring.

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