Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2nd Culja-cum-taagada

Today is the namanon holiday where we people of the namanon faith come together with people of different cultures.

it is a very simple holiday to take part in. all you have to do is hang out with someone of a different culture, race, ethnic group, religions, and/ sexuality then you.

You can pick how you get together, go out and eat, play a game, talk to them, give someone a job, hook up, etc.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

book of Lusdeaka part 4

Lusdeaka turn to young man with smile on her face.

you may take your pick of the woman of your choice or if you like also have male servants at the house of Lusdeaka. it is all the same to us love is love.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

C-quential R'taa

C-quential R'taa is observed during the first Wednesday of February to the first Wednesday of March.

it is a time to get in touch with the magic of language, art, and story

to do so people most visit the closest things we still have to temples of C-quential R'taa and visit comic book stores or online comic book retailers and buy what ever comic interest them or pick up a comic to give to someone else.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

take 'em where they NEED to go

hey you know that guy that always needs are ride somewhere.

don't you hate it that they don't have a car?

why can't they just buy a car, so they can take themselves to their job interviews and what not.

hmmm genius, if they had money for a car they might have gotten one already.

the more they miss jobs due to not being able to get to the location the more they will annoy yeah.

If you want to stop this annoyance help them out and give them a ride when someone needs to get to work or an interview.

do so and you maybe blessed to take a sip of Job-a-bobba's moonshine.

and if you want you can keep a total of the amount you spend on gas and once that person is settle into their new job and making money you can talk about them paying you back a bit for the gas money.

book of lusdeaka part 3 he walked in he noticed that the walls where made of the sweetest sugar. dripping all nice and moist.

as he looked around the room he notice the place was filled wall to wall with the hottiest people he had ever seen in his life.

women of all shapes and nationalities, greated him with a sweet deep smile coming form their lips.

making him feel warm as they invited him in.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

entering the house of Lusdeaka

The young man took the gorgeous woman's hand and followed her inside. but before they entered the young woman hand the young man a cap.

"before you enter you most wear this on your little head"

the you man rolled the cap onto his head and came into the house of Lusdeaka

Thursday, January 22, 2009

bandit broke into home, lighting up

(namanon times) last night an elderly couple got the fright of their lives when there home was broken into.

"I was awaken by a loud sound" said Mrs. Edison, "so I woke up my husband to check it out"

"and I went down to find this gruffy...yet sexy looking guy in my home. he was taking our normal lightbulbs and replacing them with these odd looking compact fluorescent bulbs" said Mr. Edison.

"it just ain't right, switching a man bulbs like that"

"eh, I hear these new bulbs cut down on CO2 and save energy, so..." say Mrs. Edison.

the one city you NEED to visit

(namanon times) part deux of our interview with the wise sage namara namana

Namanon Times: ...and then that's when you realized you had no pants on?

Namara Namana: No even worst I realized I was completely buck naked with the exception of wearing some flip flops and and a tie.

Namanon Times: Boy that sounds like a crazy night.

Namara Namana: no what was crazy was the fact that the tie was a clip on.
Anyways that part of the reason I think everyone should try to make it to the Namanon holy land at least once a year.

Namanon Times: For those who don't know, where is this holy land?

Namara Namana: It's in an area that is now known as Pontiac, MI.

Namanon Times: Pontiac, Michigan? how is that the holy lands I thought most of them where in the middle east.

Namara Namana: nope, Midwest. The reason that Pontiac is the mecca of Namanon is very simple. it is believed that the great galactic war that destroyed and created the world took place in Pontiac...

Namanon Times: a galactic war that took place in the area of a city?

Namara Namana: It is also believed that it was at a club in Pontiac is where a booty shaking that destoried the old world and made way for this one is at.

Namanon Times: O.K I can see why that's the Namanon mecca holy land site. so what should be people do when they make it the holy land of Pontiac, MI.

Namara Namana: eat, drink be marry. spend a night out on the town and go clubbing. buy your self a little something something. volunteer your time at a charity. make a flick. bomb the city with art projects. spread joy and silly fun.

Namanon Times: is the point of clubbing to celebrate the creation of the world.

Namara Namana: ah, yeah sure....whatever you say. Or you can do it just to have fun.

Namanon Times: OK for those who can't afford to jet off to exotic far of lands what do the people that can't go to the holy city of Pontiac, mi do?

Namara Namana: well if you can afford the trip but have a few bucks you can donated to charity. Heck for some charities you can just donate some old clothes or books or toys and they are happy.

if you don't have a little extra cash or junk to give that's ok. just take a shower and before you dry off. spank your self...harder...oh now cum on you can spank a little hard then that...ok. that's better.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

do you know a lazy unemployed bum that doesn't seem to want to work?

Job-a-bobba's klassifiedsta position 1

Do you know someone that has been out of work for a long period of time?

are they just lazy bums that don't work? maybe.

I know it's easy to look down on them like scum but maybe the problem they are facing is you.

yes that's right, you might be part of their problem in finding a job.

searching for a job isn't just as simple as looking on job sites and applying for a job. people need to network to get work. but what happens when the people around someone doesn't help a person get work but instead insults them or writes them off?

They don't have a good network working for them instead they have one working against them.

So if you know some unemployed hobo don't just tell them to get a job. Help them get a job. If you hear about a job opening don't just tell them about it also vet the job hunter.

if you are in a position to recommend someone for a job, think out this out-of-work person and if they are good for the position through their name in the ring.

Binary Commandments



Book of the profit Kashisha 2

the profit Kashisha walked among the mall and noticed that the majority of people where shopping at the big name stores and ignoring the smaller locally owned businesses.

as she went to buy a snack at a small kiosk when she over heard a couple talking about how said it is that their local economy is facing hard times.

Kashisha looked over at them and notice they only carried bags form big nation wide chain stores and said to them...

You say it's a shame about what is happening to the economy...but you do nothing to make things better. even worst your actions are causing your local economy to do worst.

the couple looked puzzled

What do you mean?

they asked.

I'm talking about where you shopped. you over looked your local retailer and shopped at the big national chain store. Don't you know if you shopped at locally owned business your economy will end up doing better

No said the couple "we didn't is that"

because the majority of the money you spend in these stores will end up going out of your community. where if you shopped locally the money will stay with in. That means more people will be employed locally. That means your local community will grow and receive more tax revenue then it would have before, because more people will be working and in some cause will be working at better paying jobs

"But the big stores have such good prices." said the couple

There deals aren't as good when you look at the bigger picture. They are bandits seeping out the income out of the economy you live in.

"so we shouldn't shop at them?" the couple ask

Shop where you wish. But realise the power of your dollar and what it can do for your community. If you just spend 10% of your shopping budget at local businesses you will do a lot to make your community a wealthier and better place.

"wow just 10% we can do that"
said the couple
"heck we can even do better then that if it would really help our local economy"

"Yes it will" said Kashisha.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the book of Lusdeaka part 1

...the young man's joy almost reached to a climaxed when he finally got to front door of Lusdeaka's place of business.

His journey was long and hard.

The hot red light of the sun beats down on him. His clothes are dripping wet due to his sweating. So wet that as his clothes cling to his body you can make out his well cut wirey frame.

"well I finally made it" the young man said to himself.

He raised his hand to knock on the door. His man hood throb with excitement thinking about the legends of the types of things that go on behind those door.

But just before his knuckles banged against the door, it opened and on the other side was the most beautiful woman this man has ever seen.

Her bosoms heaved as she leaned toward the young man.

"cum in" she said with a sexy smile as she took him by the hand.

bandit found missing with the trash industry

(namanon times) a man wearing cowboy buts and a 1o and a 1/2 gallon hat was found taking out items from peoples trash.

"it look like he was dividing everything up between paper and plastic, at first I thought he was some derange grocery store bag that escaped from Kroger, Aldi or something until he also started to create a pile for metal objects" Said one eye witness.

"he then placed each pile of junk into it's own recycling bin. It was terrifying"

The police are on the look out for this bandit.

"if you see him don't confront him and call the police. we believe he maybe dangerous" said Officer Ripploly. "he is wanted for messing with the garbage industry"

Book of the profit Kashisha 1

The great profit Kashisha was shopping
in the mall weh a flock of thousands
came up to her.

"Oh great Kashisha"

They said.

"We work and work and we always seem to be in dept. What can
we do?"

Kashisha looked
at them and noticed many where wearing over priced designer clothes and where
holding shopping backs filled with stuff.

"how many of you guys have credit cards?"

Asked the great and wise profit Kashisha and everyone raised their hands. even
the little children.

"Your problem is simple, you are spending more money then you are
Worst by over using your credit cards you are paying more
money then you

"But we need our credit cards"

said one doe eyed man.

"don't be a slave to your credit card. By over relying on them you
have failing under their control. you work and work just to pay off
payments. Master your cards and take control of what you spend,
soon you
will find freedom from your cards and notice you have more money"

Monday, January 19, 2009

Apocalyptic Genesis 2:1

interview with namara namana id'nit part 1

Namanon times (will be refured to as NT through out interview): Hello Namara Namana Id'Nit. How are you doing?

Namara Namana Id'Nit (will be refured to as NNI through out the rest of the interview): I'm doing blessedly OK-ish.

NT: So for those who don't know do you mind telling are readers who you are?

NNI: yes I do mind. I'm a scholar and teacher of Namanon. I may be one of those forgotten namanites.

NT: Forgotten namanite? how can that be?

NNI: Look kid I'm old. I don't even remember why I'm talking to you

NT: um ok, so tell us what is namanon

NNI: it's the new spirtality. it's the cult that is sweeping the nation. and it's a great mixer for drinks.

NT: Drinks really?

NNI: Yes spiritual cocktails maybe I'll share a few recipes with you some day

NT: I'd like that very much. but drinking aside I hear it is a special day today (January 19th)

NNI: What? oh yes it is. today is short of our founders day. today we celebriate the day the world was created.

NT: Really how should we celebrate?

NNI: donations to the Church Temple Mosque would be great. But other then that go out and party have a good time. have protected sex with short fat people and spread the word about Namanon and all the great things it does. like ladies get in free before 12 and half of salvation sales every 3rd wednesday.

but most importantly in the spirit of the day of creation, you should go out and create or start something. it really doesn't matter what, it can be an art project, a business, a charity, a relationship, or whatever you can think of to start/make today.

Apocalyptic Genesis 2

Once upon a time the namanons fought a big war. The war was so hard fought and so long that world was destroyed in the middle of a battle.

but even with no world, the namanons kept fight until their war also destroyed their universe.

but they kept on fighting until one side pulled out a weapon so devastating that when it was used it blow up a new universe and the earth we live on.

oh yee the horror of war.

Apocalyptic Genesis 1:1 thou shall booty pop orgy of hot and sweaty bodies bump and gyrate on the overly crowded dance floor.

Hips grind into each other. As the hot and heavy bass and drum beat from the DJ spin hip-hop and booty music.

in the middle of the dance floor was the most beautiful cruvious full figured sista jittin' on the dance floor.

her sweat drip from her beautiful dark-light-medium complected skin through her tight baby-t.

her body popped and dropped.

She glances at you and gives a little smile as she smacked her buttocks and then dropped it like it was hot...all the way to the ground...ground...ground.

the smacking of her booty to the dance floor created such a loud sound that the sonic boom blow everyone off the dance floor.

the bang ripped the atoms of everyone and everything in the club...leading to a chain reaction of atoms crashing in to each other...from the club, to the block. from the block to the city. to the city to the state. to the state to the country and then the world.

everything blew up in an atomic explosion due to a song with a hot beat.

then the the DJ put on another record and we all started again.