Monday, January 19, 2009

Apocalyptic Genesis 1:1 thou shall booty pop orgy of hot and sweaty bodies bump and gyrate on the overly crowded dance floor.

Hips grind into each other. As the hot and heavy bass and drum beat from the DJ spin hip-hop and booty music.

in the middle of the dance floor was the most beautiful cruvious full figured sista jittin' on the dance floor.

her sweat drip from her beautiful dark-light-medium complected skin through her tight baby-t.

her body popped and dropped.

She glances at you and gives a little smile as she smacked her buttocks and then dropped it like it was hot...all the way to the ground...ground...ground.

the smacking of her booty to the dance floor created such a loud sound that the sonic boom blow everyone off the dance floor.

the bang ripped the atoms of everyone and everything in the club...leading to a chain reaction of atoms crashing in to each other...from the club, to the block. from the block to the city. to the city to the state. to the state to the country and then the world.

everything blew up in an atomic explosion due to a song with a hot beat.

then the the DJ put on another record and we all started again.

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