Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Book of the profit Kashisha 1

The great profit Kashisha was shopping
in the mall weh a flock of thousands
came up to her.

"Oh great Kashisha"

They said.

"We work and work and we always seem to be in dept. What can
we do?"

Kashisha looked
at them and noticed many where wearing over priced designer clothes and where
holding shopping backs filled with stuff.

"how many of you guys have credit cards?"

Asked the great and wise profit Kashisha and everyone raised their hands. even
the little children.

"Your problem is simple, you are spending more money then you are
Worst by over using your credit cards you are paying more
money then you

"But we need our credit cards"

said one doe eyed man.

"don't be a slave to your credit card. By over relying on them you
have failing under their control. you work and work just to pay off
payments. Master your cards and take control of what you spend,
soon you
will find freedom from your cards and notice you have more money"

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